Have you just finished a work?

Carry out a work or reform, or a simple remodeling of any space generates a lot of illusion… But behind this illusion comes the harsh reality

You have to leave everything perfect, Hygienic and clean!
FAMIM performs site cleaning, both unfurnished and furnished homes.

Let our workers do quality work with the best products on the market and enter your new home as soon as possible.

Cleaning by Reforms

Cleaning of New Works

Cleaning by Removals

Cleaning of Premises Openings

Tedious and difficult cleaning

The cleaning service after a construction site is a difficult process that requires planning and coordination. For this it is important to have specialized professionals.

The strategy of FAMIM

FAMIM coordinates a complete team of professionals including glaziers, Soil treatment specialists, Cleaners…
We take care of everything!

Your Ideas Come to Life

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