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We are a modern company oriented to the client and personalized services

We provide services from 1997 and next to the commitment of the management and motivation of employees, we have adapted to the needs of society, consolidating ourselves as a serious company committed to customers.

Our services are the solution for those professionals and individuals who seek a quality response through the most advanced techniques, a great highly qualified team and customized solutions.

FAMIM 25 anniversary
FAMIM building trust
Spanish Red Cross Emrpesarial Social Challenge

Collaborating Company of the Spanish Red Cross Social Challenge

FAMIM is a collaborating company in the Social Employment Challenge of the Spanish Red Cross, that works to generate opportunities, as many for people as for companies.

Guarantee of Commitment to Equal Opportunities

The company, declares its commitment to the establishment and development of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities between women and men, without discriminating directly or indirectly on the basis of sex, as well as in the promotion and promotion of measures to achieve real equality within our organization, establishing equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle of our corporate and human resources policy, in accordance with the definition of this principle established by the ORGANIC LAW 3/2007, of 22 March, for effective equality between women and men.

Quality Certifications


FAMIM, in order to offer greater quality and excellence to its customers has been concerned with improving, both in their products, as in their internal and external processes, so it has the following quality seals